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NEW: FS Evolution RealityPack 3.0 for FS9 : A Century of Flight

FS Evolution is pleased to bring you a completely new Summer Texture set for Microsoft Flight Simulator 9 which gives an entirely new feel to your Flight Simming in Europe. Gone are the repetitive fields laid out my mad mathematicians, gone are the distincly un-european road grids in the towns and cities.

The FS Evolution Reality Pack containes completely remade Textures for the European Texture Area, all of which have been designed from scratch for an entirely new look.

Textures have been carefully designed to eliminate the Fligh-Sim-typical visual repetition of scenery as far as is possible under the constraints given by MSFS. The result is scenery where the borders between different tile types blend far better than before, and which integrates well with standard or add-on airports. Often it is difficult to tell where Photoreal scenery ends, and Reality pack scenery begins.

Also included is a new Airport Environment with better concrete, bitumen and grass texture.

Check out the Details Page for screenshots!

FS Evolution Reality Pack contains

  • City, Town and Suburban Textures
  • Geometric and Non-geometric Fields
  • Forests
  • Mountains and Cliff sides
  • Roads and Highways
  • Railway Lines
  • Runways
  • Aprons and Taxiways
  • Airfield grassland
  • A New Detail texture which makes textures look more detailed and interesting when seen close-up